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Thursday, 24-May-2007 02:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark

a bit smile like this..
different colour of me
canvas style
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Yea..just want to put my pic after edited use iMac.
Honestly, i was a big fan to Apple stuff. May be coz my brother's use all the Apple stuff. From iMac to MacBook to MacBook Pro. Da iPod was ok..but so jealous with iPod video (my 2nd bro). Well, u can do or create anything that can make other people 'amazed'. Even it's just the presentation. Yea i can say it like where fantasy meet reality. Anything u want dear..

i can do it..thanks to Mr Khairol..(also MR Monsoon n Dr Ali-will try do like what u said later)

thanks everyone..

Wednesday, 23-May-2007 02:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
1st Story

see the number?lambatnyer mkn..
smpi pon..
Mr Ilyas..
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Diz is the 2nd post. For the past post i received many comment from all the senior in here.
Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. By then, there are so many thing that i have learn in here. As beginner, really not familiar with all the process. How i can make this fotopages more interesting. Not only for me, but also for other people who view my fp. How i can upload big picture in here__________?Well can somebody help me?phuhhh...
For this entry, me dah upload some pic for the next entry. Hope for this fp can really make something different. Usually i write in blogspot jer..
Tak nak tulis byk2 ar..demam ari nih..

Tuesday, 22-May-2007 08:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A new journey

it's me
Well, diz is the new fotopages by myself.
Kinda weird coz, usually i malas sangat nak tulis all this kind of blog.
By then kene gak ar since i want to share my photo with everybody.

Yea.. i was so excited, but really don't understand how this fotopages going on..
a bit confused ar..


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